Thursday, December 31, 2009

OMG!! Snow!! In Ohio!! Must be a sign of the apocalypse!

I so wish that I had a picture of the parking lot here at work. I just cannot understand how someone could look how people have parked, blocking others in and repeat it. I know, "ooh, scary snow on the parking lot, I can't see the lines!", but you park here every day, and the lines are still in the same places. Hmm, maybe some thought could be put into where you should park. Let me draw you a picture of the parking lot and how people have intelligently parked their vehicles:
Fear my mad Paint skillz! Anyway, so the straight lines are parking spaces, and the oblong, pill shaped objects are supposed to be cars. So, there are permanent light posts around which are parking spaces. You'd think that people might use them as a reference, even though you can't see the lines on the parking lot. Also, you'd think that after one, or maybe 2 rows of cars got blocked in, by 4 deep parking, that people would notice, "Hey, if I park here, I might get blocked in!" But no, that would require some thought, and seeing as today is the last day of work before a long weekend and nobody wants to be here, no sense was used in parking. Just a bunch of lemmings following the first person who didn't think. Sorry for the snark, I'm not really upset (by the way, my car was one of the bottom ones, that had to be moved so that others could get out), it was actually pretty funny. I just don't know why I'm consistently surprised by people's reactions to the snow, especially driving in it. We're in OHIO, it snows here multiple times each year, why does it seem that everyone has to freak out about it!?


  1. Hehehehe! You think its funny people freaking out when there is a little snow where you are, well you want to come over to the UK when we have our usual light dusting of snow a couple of times a year. Everything and I mean everything grinds to a halt...Just looked out of the window and would you believe it, it's snowing again!!

  2. I can't imagine!! I know down in the Southern states that happens too! I can see people having trouble driving in say Atlanta if it snows a few inches, but it snows a decent amount here! It's either 75mph or 25mph on the freeway, no happy medium, or reasonable speeds.