Thursday, December 17, 2009

Look, This Post Has Pictures!

So, I haven't been knitting, at all. Or working out. Or eating right. Or diving. Sooo, there hasn't been much to blog about lately. I've been procrastinating on well, pretty much everything. Yeah, guess what I've been doing instead of knitting? Reading the freaking Twilight saga books! I just finished Eclipse last night and got 75 pages into Breaking Dawn today at lunch. Since I don't have to work tomorrow, I'll probably get it done this weekend. Oh well, as soon as I'm done reading I'll be able to actually get some Christmas stuff done! Although, we did get our tree and Christmas decorations up last Friday, that was fun. No good pictures unfortunately. I think I ended up deleting all of them because they were BAAAADD. I've been playing around with my Sealife camera's settings and it's just frustrating the snot out of me. The manual is not great for telling you how to change the settings. There are tons of options, and I've figured out how to take pretty decent pics underwater, but above water, I'm struggling with it. I just have to get more practice with it. We also have the Canon Rebel that I need to work with too, it has a lot more manual settings on it that I've got to play with and learn more about. But the auto settings take fantastic pictures as it is, so I haven't had to learn!
I finished my Bella's Mittens for my friend J. And I actually got a couple pictures before I gifted them! Sorry for the crappiness:

I used good old Lion Brand Wool Ease so they're washable for her. And I learned how to do Magic Loop, which I really enjoyed actually. I'll probably start adapting other DPN patterns to this. It was so much easier to keep everything together on one long needle instead of 3 or 4 short DPN's.
Also on the knitting front, I need to finish my French Press Slippers (aka the Cutest Slippers EVAR!) for my mom, just need to sew on the tabs and buttons, and make a pair for my grandma as well. I was going to make a pair for my mother-in-law, but seeing as she sent me a link to the pattern yesterday, exclaiming how cute they were, I'm going to guess that she's probably going to make them herself. So now I have to figure out what else she's getting for Christmas. Darn Yarn Harlot for promoting that pattern before Christmas! J/K! I probably should have seen that coming though, with how freaking cute they are and super easy and fast too!

And just for fun, a couple of pictures I've recently uploaded, all three of these were taken this past spring on my grandparents' property:

This is me! I just like this picture for the colors and my expression. One of the few pictures of myself that I like. I think I'm terribly un-photogenic.
This is Jeff, he and my dad and brother were out shooting clay pigeons and I like the composition of this shot.
I just really like the texture of this one. The creek was really high and moving, but crystal clear.
So, I guess that's all for today. Have a good weekend!

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  1. I tried to knit the Bella Mittens with magic loop but got into an awful muddle after I left the thumb stitches on a stitch holder and had to continue with the rest of the hand. After getting a massive hole I had to undo them and resorted to mittens on 2 needles. Cute top picture!