Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas and Other Happenings

First of all, I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday and spent it with people you love! I had a great Christmas and it was only mildly stressful! We got all the wrapping done on the 23rd. Except for pair #2 of the French Press Slippers (more on that in a minute). We celebrated with Jeff's mom and stepdad and his brother's family on Christmas Eve, had lunch and watched Up with the nieces. What a cute movie! Sadder and more serious than I expected, but I loved Doug the dog! I worked on the slippers during the movie and when I got home that evening and stayed up to sew them up. I popped them in the washer Christmas morning, and gifted them to my grandma later that day! Of course, they were still a little damp, but she loved them anyway. And no, I didn't get any pictures of them, cause I'm awesome... lol! Christmas Day was the busy one, we were out at my parents' by 10 for presents and Christmas lunch. Then to Jeff's dad and stepmom's by 1:15. Then on to my Grandma Norma's by 3:45 and on to my Grandma Patty's by 5. Finally got home about 8:30. Exhausting would be a good description of that day, but it is always fun, if a little crazy.
Also, Santa was pretty darn good to us this year. I got this strobe for my SeaLife DC800 for our trip, a Kindle, an electric kettle, and a MacBook(!!!). Totally shocked about the Macbook, Jeff had asked his mom for a laptop for Christmas, so we could keep in touch with everyone while we're gone. BTW, is Skype not the coolest thing ever!? Anyway, we were expecting like a $300 inexpensive laptop, that didn't do much of anything except get on WiFi, and she gets us a MacBook!! Don't get me wrong, that's what we would have eventually got ourselves, but we did NOT expect her to get us one. She did say that this was the last present we would be getting for birthdays, holidays and such for the next couple of years! LOL!
Unfortunately, Santa also brought me a cold, blah. But, I'll take it cause everyone was so generous to us with their gift giving this year, it seems only right I've got to take a little bit of bad with a LOT of good!
Other things going on:
  • I have my first Scuba student! My best friend Dani, is well on her way to being a certified Open Water Diver. We got all of her pool skills done this week and she is studying the book. She'll take the test next time she's in town, and we'll do her open water dives when it gets warmer this summer. It was really a lot of fun, and I'm glad my first student was my best friend. Took a lot of the anxiety out of it!!
  • We leave for Indonesia in 2 weeks! So the packing and stressing has begun for that. I'm just now starting to feel a little nervous for the trip, it's a LOOONNGG way away! But so excited, I can't believe we're getting to go to the other side of the world a second time! Sorry for all of the exclamation points, but I am crazy excited!

Think that's all for now

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