30 (ish) Before 30

1. Get my Mandarin fish tattoo
2. Sew myself a wearable skirt
3. Sell at least 1 of my photographs
4. Paint again (canvas, not walls)
5. Embroider a pillowcase
6. Preserve vegetables that I’ve grown in my garden
7. Go to a stitch and bitch or knitting group
8. Volunteer
9. Run a 5K
10. Read at least 5 books on my bookshelves (preferably that I haven’t read before) -1.Poisonwood Bible-Barbara Kinsgsolver, 2.Pride and Prejudice-Jane Austen, 3.The Princess Bride-William Goldman, 4.Winter's Bone-Daniel Woodrell
11. Invest some money for retirement (auto 401K with work does not count)
12. Yarn Diet-knit down my stash
13. Bake and frost a layer cake from scratch
14. Sell or give away 50 things that I currently own
15. Paint the hutch in the dining room
16. Get into an exercise routine
17. Run an 8 minute mile - new!

Updated 11/9/10