Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Some Pictures Finally

I was just looking back at the last couple of posts and there haven't been any pictures!  How boring!  So, to make up for that, here are a few shots I've taken recently.
This is Hayden, the neighbor's dog, and Murphy's best friend.
Action shot!
Jeff, taken with my new 50mm lens.
These next pics were taken yesterday on my grandparents' property.  I especially like the ones that look like a fairy's kingdom in the forest.
In the same vein, I just signed up for a 6 week photography class that starts on Monday.  I'm so excited!  Nervous too, though.  It's a second level class, so I hope I know enough!  I use my DSLR camera set on manual all the time, I know ISO and aperture and shutter speed.  I have 3 lenses and mostly feel like I know what I'm doing!  This class talks about macro and night photography, with field trips to the zoo and the Franklin Park Conservatory.  Hopefully I'm not the most inexperienced one there.  I guess I'll just try to soak up all the knowledge I can, and hopefully take some good pictures along the way!

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