Friday, April 9, 2010

Some Diving Content for the Blog

Our good friend Rich at White Star Quarry was interviewed by Catch the podcast here:

Episode 14 – Interview with Rich Synowiec of White Star Quarry & Jim’s Florida Dives

Along those same lines, we're actually headed there tomorrow. I'm so excited to dive, I've been wanting to go for a couple of weeks, but we've just been too busy! I'm also really excited to try my new photography toy. I can't believe I didn't post about it here. When we went to ScubaFest a couple of weekends ago, David Haas, a photographer that we met at ice diving last year had an underwater housing for our Canon Rebel XT DSLR for sale. At half price. After waffling for a couple of hours, I decided to buy it. So now I am the proud owner of an Ikelite underwater housing for our "good" camera! I'm a little nervous that I don't know what I'm doing enough to get any decent shots, but I guess that's why you keep practicing! Hopefully I'll get at least one postable picture! Wish me luck! (Oh yeah, I probably need luck to stay warm tomorrow too, the water temp is only about 45 degrees!)

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