Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Linky Love Fest

Since I am tired and a little cranky today, I thought I should list some of the things that I love right now.  Maybe it will put me in a better mindset for the day.  So here goes!
  • The Pioneer Woman-I've been reading her Black Heels to Tractor Wheels love story, and have been sucked into her website.  She's got great (if not necessarily healthy!) recipes and fantastic pictures and contests.  Good stuff, it cheers me up.
  • Caffeine-I think that pretty much says it all!  We have a coffee shop here in the building and I try to limit myself to "Fancy Coffee Friday" and bring my coffee the rest of the week, but today, I needed a mocha, and treated myself to a $3.59 iced peppermint mocha.  It was totally worth it.  Plus I packed my lunch today, so I don't feel as bad!
  • Liberty of London for Target-I love the patterns so much!  And the prices aren't bad either.  This weekend I bought this cute new bag for $16.99!  I desperately needed a new bag and this one is the perfect size, has a couple pocket inside and has the fun pink lining, making it great for spring. Oh, and apparently Purl Soho has Tana Lawn Liberty of London fabric to buy online!  How did I not know this!?
  • My husband-I probably should have put him first, oops.  He's been wonderful lately, despite some family issues going on and being extremely busy workwise.  I'll even forgive him for crabbing at me this morning to get out of bed, this time.
  • Twitter-I think I've developed an unhealthy obsession with Twitter lately.  I've even (mostly) forsaken Facebook for it.
  • My Striped Noro scarf-I just love the color changes.  Even though it's getting warm out and I won't need a scarf for several months, it's still a fun, easy knit.  And I don't hate the 1x1 ribbing like I thought I would!
  • Morel mushrooms-mmmm, come on rain, I need some more!  We found 4 good sized ones this weekend and I fried them up and ate them like potato chips.  I even shared a couple bites with the husband.  But only a couple. 
Well, what do you know?  I do feel better!  Have a great day!

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