Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Books and Knitting

What I'm reading:

  • Read The Book Thief on my Kindle on vacation. Couldn't put it down. I highly recommend it. The description sounds kind of strange, but I loved the way it was narrarated. Had some sad parts, but when a book takes place in WWII Nazi Germany, you have to expect some tears.
  • Currently working on 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea(s). It was a free download on the Kindle (as are many classic titles), and I'd never read it before. It seemed fitting for a diving vacation! An interesting read, but not really a page turner. I just struggle with classics sometimes. It's not a difficult read, just kind of difficult to get into, for me. I'm still plugging away though.

What I'm knitting:

  • Working on the Dane Shawl (Ravelry Link to pattern) by Jane Tanner in Lion Brand Bamboo and Ewe fingering weight in charcoal gray. This is officially my First Lace Shawl! A little scary, I'm not going to lie! It's going pretty well I think, just slow. I'm lucky to get a couple of rows done a day, and I'm only on the first repeat of the main section. If I'm done by June I'll be happy! LOL! It's very pretty, but the yarn is kind of stretchy, so I'm curious as to how it will block.
  • A basic pair of socks from the Bernat basic pattern that I got from my mother-in-law in self striping yarn, I forget the brand, I'll fix in a bit. I've started the heel gusset on the first sock, but I'm wishing that I would have used smaller needles. If I keep going, I'll have to give them away, which isn't a bad thing, I just love the yarn colors! It's not a very soft yarn, but from experience, it softens a bit after washing. I'll probably give them to my mom since she doesn't have any handknit socks. Plus, maybe it will inspire her to try socks, she hasn't graduated from scarfs yet! Pictures soon, I promise!

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