Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Hooked on Exercise? Me?!

When my mom called me a couple of weekends ago and said, "Hey, I saw this infomercial last night, it was some exercise tapes, can't remember what it was called, but I think it started with a Z.  Anyway, it looked really fun!", I admit, I was skeptical.

A little backstory; my mom will occasionally see something random on tv or a magazine, call me up, describe it extremely loosely, (so there's a good chance I have no idea what she's talking about), and say let's go do it!  How about tomorrow?!  Usually I'm the one doing a little bit more research to figure out the details and the when's and where's.  And thus, I discovered Zumba.

When I first looked at the website, I'd heard of it before, knew it to be like an aerobic class with dancing and Latin/R&B type music.  Thought it looked kind of fun, but I'm not really a fitness class type person.  I mean, I'm pretty good at laughing at myself, but still a little nervous about looking really stupid in front of people.  I also was a little surprised that my mom wanted to do this, she's not usually one for putting herself out there, way more shy than me.  But, she was just so darn enthusiastic about it, so I looked up local classes and we went the following Tuesday.  And dang it if it didn't turn out to be really fun!  Our first class was an hour of just straight dancing, which was fun, but we went to a different class the following week, and did some toning with the dance, and man, were we sore the next day! (and the day after that for that matter)  Went for the third time yesterday, and she made us do walking lunges.  A lot of them.  I fully expect to be sore for another day or so, but still intend to go back again next week!  I think I'm hooked on exercising... how did that happen?

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