Monday, August 16, 2010

Cat For Sale!

I'll cut you a great deal, even cover shipping!  She's got some lovely traits, such as:
-Playing in her dirty litter box!
-Not grooming herself!
-Biting people, repeatedly!
-Sleeping most of the day, well, until you are almost ready to go to bed, and then she's ready to play!
-Helping you while you're on the computer, by jumping on the keyboard.  She especially likes to turn on the Caps Lock key!
-Sharpening her claws on the cabinets!
-And many more!

Oh, I'm just joking, I'm not really going to sell (or even get rid of) Gil.  But doesn't she sound nice?  She's lucky she's cute, because she's about as rotten as they come. 

I know I haven't had a kitten in a long time, but man, I don't remember them being this crazy, and biting this much!  That's really what's making me the craziest.  She's a biter!  You should see my arms.  She'll just be laying in your lap in the chair and her ears go back and she attacks your arm. I'll grab her and drop her on the floor and she just keeps coming back over and over to bite you!  I just bought a spray bottle yesterday, to squirt her with when she does it, hopefully that will help.  Bad kitty...

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