Monday, March 15, 2010

On Randomness

I've been kind of avoiding posting lately because I feel like my posts are so random sometimes.  And I wonder if people are annoyed by that.  I'm just good at randomness.  It's how my brain works.  But I read so many good blogs and they're so much more focused than most of my posts.  I wonder if I posted more often, maybe shorter, more focused posts, if it would be more readable?  It's just hard finding the time to post, especially post with pictures, between work and home life.  So, I don't know, maybe I'll try the shorter, less random posting, just more often.  I know I do have to post pics of the bag that I made for my friend's birthday.  And pics from my grandma's house of the collapsed barn.  Oh, and the progress on my roman shades for my office.  So there's stuff to post about, maybe it just needs to be spread over a couple of posts.

Oh yeah, and diving season is starting soon!  (or if you're crazy like me, it already has)

See, there's no stopping the random.

1 comment:

  1. don't be so hard on yourself. just enjoy your blog :-)-Dan