Sunday, April 19, 2009

Cold Water and Mushrooms

Had a great day of diving yesterday, cold water notwithstanding! We went to Whitestar Quarry in Gibsonburg, Ohio. It is a beautiful Sandusky county park with relatively deep (the bottom of the crusher pit hits 75 ft) and super clear water. Visibility was probably 50-60 ft! Jeff got to play with his new gear, a set of 108 steel double tanks and with an OMS Harness, Dive Rite Classic wing and Apex XTX50 Regs. He's wanting to get into the tech side of diving, while I'm going more into the professional side. He did pretty darn good with his bouyancy actually. Had to throw on an extra 5 pounds of weight, even with 3 pound ankle weights and 130 pounds of gear! But, he managed to stay pretty trim. I took a couple of pics and videos too!

Here's Jeff on his favorite Christmas present ever:

Good example of the great viz:

Jeff in front of the staircase in the crusher pit:

Jeff demonstrating how to silt up the quarry with the sea scooter:

Me playing on the sea scooter:

Me hanging out on our safety stop:

We also went mushroom hunting Friday evening and today, with no luck. We're looking for morels, a delicious springtime treat! They're the only mushrooms that I really like. We go out at my grandparents' house, who have a couple hundred wooded acres. Last year was a great year, we probably found about 50 or so. I gorged myself on them and still gave a bunch away. Even though we didn't find any, a walk in the woods is always a good time. I just want to know why EVERYTHING is covered with thorns! I ripped a big hole in my jeans and scratched up my arms today. Oh well, maybe later this week we'll get some!

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