Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Cold Water Diving and Divemastering

So, we went diving last Friday at Lakeview RV Park in Lancaster, Ohio. It was cold!! I was bothered by the cold on the surface more that day than I was on our ice dives! We did one 40 minute dive, vis wasn't too bad, about 10-15 feet. Sounds crappy, but for Lakeview, it's not bad at all. I'm an Ohio diver, I'm used to low vis! We had a pretty good time despite the cold, and I'm jealous that Jeff is going up to Gilboa without me this Friday! I'm not a big fan of missing dives! But, it sounds like it's going to be yucky weather, so maybe it's not so bad.
Also, I'm cracking down on the Divemaster studying. I've got to get the book read and the tests taken. I still have the watermanship skills and the 4 confined water dives to do too. Thankfully the weather is getting warmer and I'll be more motivated since we'll be diving more. We've convinced our neighbors J & V to get certified and took them to Scubafest this past weekend to get them in the pool for a Discover Scuba session. V's not really sure about it, but J is really going to do well I think. V just needs some more pool time to get comfortable breathing underwater. We're humans, we're not supposed to breathe underwater, of course it's going to be awkward at first!
I swam at the rec center again today, man that's a workout! I did 550 meters in about 30 minutes. I'm so out of shape! I've been running too, and trying to watch my diet, but I'm just not cut out for dieting. I don't have the willpower, and I like ice cream too much!
Well, I need to go read before the husband gets home. I'm going to take advantage of the empty house!

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  1. So jealous of you diving! I have Open Water Certification (nowhere near as advanced as you) and the last time I dove was in French Polynesia during my honeymoon (last September). You've inspired me to talk to my husband about us going again soon. :)

    Found you through the Ravelry Blogging group.